Hello, my name is Michael Shodahl, I am the proprietor of
M. Shodahl  Finish Carpentry & Wood-Working.   Mine is a small,
personable general contracting company specializing in
finish carpentry, architectural restoration and home
repair in the Greater Boston area.

We're a few guys with considerable experience who enjoy
working with tools, finishing and restoring buildings and their
fittings.  We get a kick out of the challenges and everyday
travails of carpentry and woodworking.  That's why we're good
at what we do.  Outfitted with a complete wood-shop, we are
capable of producing, installing or repairing just about anything made of wood.

I choose not to be a high volume company.  I prefer to select  jobs based on unique
opportunities and challenges and the degree of skill and craftsmanship involved, thus
providing exceptional service and expertise to a small base of clients.

I am a Licensed Construction Supervisor and  a Registered Home Improvement
Contractor (HIC) in  the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Michael Shodahl
stair entry
Finish Carpentry & Wood-Working
MA HIC Registration #163419  |  Construction Supervisor License #101806